As a fraternal life insurance company, Catholic United Financial has a special purpose — recognized by the federal government with tax-exempt status. We provide our members with excellent insurance and financial products and we return our profits to our Catholic communities in the forms of grants, scholarships and assistance. According to the American Fraternal Alliance, fraternal benefit societies like Catholic United Financial provide billions of dollars back to the American public in the form of volunteer hours, grants and scholarships. For more information, visit

Catholic United Financial is dedicated to working with you to improve the financial strength of your family, your church and your community. We work daily to:

  • Help Catholics and their families build a more stable and secure financial foundation
  • Encourage and coordinate volunteers through our council network
  • Raise and distribute millions in grants and scholarships
  • Provide funds and fund raising support for Catholic parishes and schools
  • Connect to the next generation by encouraging young Catholics to explore and develop their faith
  • Support Catholic families & communities