Lots at Holy Rosary Cemetery are $800.00. There will be three options for purchasing lots:

  1. Families can bury cremains in the family plot.
  2. The family may purchase a new lot for the burial of cremains. Monuments may only be placed on full lots.
  3. Cremains may be buried in the designated area which only allows for a flat grave marker.

When purchasing a lot, you buy the “right of burial”, not the property itself. If you or your family have lots that will not be used, you are encouraged to allow them to be sold or “donated” back to the Church.

Perpetual Care Defined

Perpetual Care includes the cutting of grass at reasonable intervals, raking and cleaning of the grounds and sprinkling the grass. It also means the maintaining and general preservation of the lots, grounds, roadways, boundaries and structures, to the end that said grounds remain and be reasonably cared for as Cemetery grounds permanently. Such permanent care shall in no case mean the maintenance, repair or replacement of any memorial marker or structure of any kind erected upon lots; nor does it mean the planting of flowers or ornamental plants. Nor does it mean the reconstruction of any marker or monument damaged or destroyed from whatever cause.


  1. All single markers must be flat with the lay of the land.
  2. All markers must be set in cement with a 5-inch mowing border.
  3. Before installing a marker, approval by our Holy Rosary representative must be obtained to insure uniformity
  4. Flowers may be put on the graves for Memorial Day and left there for two weeks. After that time all flowers must be removed in order to facilitate cemetery maintenance. The only flowers that will be allowed on the graves all summer are those that have a place on the monument itself for a flowerpot.
  5. NO permanent plantings (shrubs, trees or bushes) can be placed in the Cemetery.
  6. To purchase a lot or if you have any questions regarding the Cemetery, contact Deacon Gary Hager at 218-841-8267.

Holy Rosary Catholic Cemetery is located on the 1000 block of Rossman Avenue in Detroit Lakes. (Across from the city water tower) Directions here