A Letter from Bishop Hoeppner

The sexual abuse of young people is by every standard wrong and rightly considered a crime by society; it is also an appalling sin in the eyes of God” (Pope John Paul II, Address to the Cardinals of the United States and Conference Officers, April 23, 20032). The bishops of the United States, in November of 2002, adopted the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. In it, the bishops declared clearly and unequivocally that the protection of children and young people is of highest priority for the Church. Here in the Diocese of Crookston, our newly revised Safe Environment Policy for the Protection of Children and Young People and Code of Conduct For Church Leaders of the Diocese of Crookston gives direction to our continuing efforts and work and makes clear and unequivocal our enduring commitment to the safety of our children, the vulnerable, and all our young people.

+ Most Reverend Michael J. Hoeppner
Bishop of Crookston

Safe Environment Certification is necessary for every adult (age 18 or over) clergy, visiting clergy, employee, independent contractor, and volunteer in the Diocese of Crookston who has the potential for unsupervised contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Certification Includes:

  • A criminal background check
  • Training related to recognizing and reporting child abuse
  • Agreement to abide by the Safe Environment Policy and Code of Conduct

To complete the forms required by our diocese, please go  to: https://www.crookston.org/secertification